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The Mayor of San Francisco wants emergency powers to fast-track homeless shelters in San Francisco.  Shelters can be built in a matter of months anywhere in the City with no community input.  Under the proposed Fast-Track Shelter legislation:

  • Locations for shelters will be picked with NO COMMUNITY INPUT
  • Shelters will not need HEALTH and SAFETY permits
  • Shelters will be built without regard for ZONING and PLANNING regulations
  • Contracts will be awarded without competitive bidding

The Mayor’s first act with her emergency powers will be to build a 225-bed homeless shelter on The Embarcadero waterfront, in a densely-populated residential neighborhood, without community input and without regard for the site’s zoning and planning.

Help stop the legislation.

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The Mayor’s legislation to fast-track homeless shelters is deeply flawed.  The ordinances give the Mayor extraordinary emergency powers and remove the Board of Supervisors’ oversight over the process of building shelters.

Homelessness is a very real problem that we all need to help solve.  However, completely removing meaningful community engagement and Board oversight is no way to achieve a lasting solution.

We are now getting a preview of what the Mayor plans to do across the City if given emergency powers.  She recently announced plans to build a 225-bed waterfront homeless shelter on The Embarcadero in the middle of a densely populated family neighborhood.  The process of picking the site was shrouded in secrecy with no input from citizens or Supervisors.   Residents first learned of the plan from the newspaper.  

The Mayor’s attitude is that neighbors of proposed shelters need to be “educated” rather than engaged with.  The Board should not let the Mayor steamroll over communities just to pursue a campaign promise.

I urge you to reject the fast-track ordinances (190045 and 190047).